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Windows 8 Loader 2015 By Daz Free Download

Windows 8 Loader 2015 By Daz Free Download

Windows 8 Loader

Windows OS is now available for download to most users on Microsoft’s official website for free as a free 1-month trial, including Windows 8, the latest that Windows OS has to offer. After the trial period, the user will have to activate their OS by purchasing the package from verified means. Windows 8 Loader is an application that can save you an approximate of 250$ as it can activate your Windows OS and other Microsoft products free of cost.

Microsoft’s feeble activation code had several loopholes that enabled software developers to capitalize on these flaws within their policies and activate Windows OS without an official license or authorization. Working on the principle of key management servers, the software connects to an available server and activates a Microsoft product. These servers hold key token files that contain information released by various software publishers that are utilized during licensed authorization of Microsoft Products.

These are downloaded as the software replaces current files in the registry with these new downloaded token files and masks the Microsoft validator into activation. As the updated token files replace the old token files that were a part of the original package, these files are installed into a newly activated registry. There is also a time stamp given to your activation that is generated as per the software’s status. The software operates in the background as the user interacts with an interface that is extremely simple and does not require any previous practical knowledge to operate. Watch how Windows 8 Loader 2015 By Daz Works Through Screenshot

Windows 8 Loader 2015 By Daz Free Download

Windows 8 Loader 2015 Key Features:-

  • Windows versions 7 and higher supported, ideal for Windows 8 activation
  • Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows OS are supported
  • Microsoft Office (versions 2010, 2013) can be activated along with Windows OS
  • Passes Windows Validation without any error
  • Unlimited developer access as it is an open-source software
  • Product Keys generated are updated frequently on the server
  • Virus and malware free software
  • Manually added Product Keys can also be checked for their validity
  • Almost all international languages are supported including Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and French

Main Pros and Cons


  • Reliable and efficient upgrade as it offers complete authorization for key Microsoft products Windows OS and Microsoft Office together.
  • Permanent activation for all Microsoft products that remains undetected to a Microsoft Validator even when connected to the internet


  • The software is blocked from installation if you have Microsoft’s own antivirus program, Windows Defender because of its security policy. The policy blocks the installation of third party applications that manipulate registry files.
  • Several publishers on the internet claim to have the authentic software. These are often Trojan viruses and malware and should not be downloaded.

Most Common Users:

Students, Professionals, and Business executives all utilize Windows OS systems and Microsoft Office for their daily needs. A permanent activation will allow the users to explore new features thereby enhancing functionality.

Author Note:

Windows 8 Loader is a great software tool that can not only save you a lot of money but also keep your system up to date with the latest updates on offer from Microsoft.

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